Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sleeping Fox off to the Framers

Handmade felt cut & design laid out.
The madder fox is complemented by a 
logwood bird and woad coloured leaves.

More foxy work :-)

I've had a few concentrated days cutting and stitching, so 'Sleeping Fox' is off to the framers on Monday.  Once in an oak frame, I think this quirky felt folk picture would be a great addition to a nursery.

Hope you like this snoozy little character.

Stitching nearly finished.
Sleeping fox close-up.

Monday, 4 June 2012

New Phase Looming

I have wanted to get back to weaving for many years and finally the opportunity has come my way.  A spinning and natural-dyeing friend has kindly given me a loom.  It's a four shaft table loom, large enough to make substantial pieces of cloth or rugs.  Although I originally learnt to weave in a conventional way with additional over sewing, I am now keen to take it in a different direction to complement my felt-making and looking forward to experimenting with rovings and perhaps some recycled fabrics.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fox Brooch Pins

Here are my new felt fox brooches.  I finally finished them yesterday, whilst on duty at New Mills Original.  Found some time in between flurries of Derbyshire Open Arts visitors.  The felt was made from madder dyed, rare breed fleece.  This dye was traditionally used to dye huntsmen's jackets.  The beauty of using handmade felt over commercial varieties is that subtle changes in shade can be achieved over the surface.

New felt fox picture coming soon to complete the series.