Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fox Brooch Pins

Here are my new felt fox brooches.  I finally finished them yesterday, whilst on duty at New Mills Original.  Found some time in between flurries of Derbyshire Open Arts visitors.  The felt was made from madder dyed, rare breed fleece.  This dye was traditionally used to dye huntsmen's jackets.  The beauty of using handmade felt over commercial varieties is that subtle changes in shade can be achieved over the surface.

New felt fox picture coming soon to complete the series.


  1. These foxes are just delightful Carol. I particularly like the bottom picture where you can see the colour change to an orange shade. It is the perfect fox pose. I have wanted to make a fox for so long but just never seem to think of the right design - you have got it so right. Claire x

  2. Gorgeous - what a perfect shape and colour! L x

  3. I love these! There's something about foxes.

    Anna x